What is Blackboard?

Blackboard Learn is a Learning Management System for delivering course materials to students. This can include assessment items, lecture recordings, discussion forums and course content modules.


Using the Community of Inquiry Framework to develop an online presence through your course site

This resource describes the development of online experiences that enable students to engage cognitively with relevant and meaningful content while providing opportunities for interaction that promotes learning.

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The aim of the Career Focus Module, delivered as a topic within the Employment Relations course, is to enhance student awareness of potential career outcomes from their business studies, to enable them to choose an appropriate major(s) within their program and, ultimately, a suitable career direction. It also outlines strategies they can use to enhance their employment prospects throughout their degree.

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Blackboard can be used to:

  • Display a range of course content, e.g. online modules, videos, graphics and documents
  • Post announcements
  • Allow students to collaborate online using discussion boards and group spaces
  • Create and deliver online tests, including online exams
  • Handle online assignment submission
  • Disseminate marks and feedback for assessment items

Blackboard is the central location where student marks are stored, hence it is considered the “spine” of the VLE into which other VLE tools can integrate.

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