What is the value?

Blackboard is convenient for students to access, with in-browser and mobile app options available. It becomes a familiar part of their university life and is easy to navigate.

From the Instructor perspective, Blackboard:

  • provides a central location for marks, course content and access to other VLE tools
  • provides analytical tools to help determine which students may need further support, and to identify areas within your course sites that are not getting much traffic
  • helps streamline collaboration between students, regardless of their location
Additionally, Blackboard:
  • is easy to learn, without the need for lengthy training
  • has extensive support resources available
  • is widely used by academic staff in the University, hence there is often help nearby if you need it

Griffith Graduate Attributes

The use of Blackboard in your course designs may assist the attainment of the following Griffith Graduate Attributes:

Course Design Standards

The use of Blackboard may assist the attainment of the following Course Design Standards:

  • Standard 1
  • Standard 2
  • Standard 3

Blackboard and Teaching Practices


Reflective Activity

(Consider how your content can use this tool to best align with course design standards)

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