Echo360 ALP allows you to make your lecture an active learning experience. Students learn and retain more when they actively engage with content.

Benefits to you:

  • Polling and in-class questions allow you to correct student misunderstandings instantly
  • Data you collect on participation and comprehension helps you to fine tune your approach

Benefits to students:

  • Students can flag confusion and ask questions during a lecture without disrupting the class
  • Students can take notes in class which are time stamped and linked to specific slides

What does Echo360 offer?

Lecture Capture is a flexible tool that supports student learning styles and preferences with automated recording of lectures available on demand.

Universal Capture provides the functionality for instructors to make recordings outside of the lecture venue on a desktop computer.

Student Engagement tools allow instructors to interact with students through presentations using polls and discussions. Students can also take notes in context with the video content, ask questions and flag the instructor if they have questions regarding lecture content.

Content Management system provides the ability to upload, store and share quality teaching content across multiple courses to support wider engagement for all students.

Analytics grants the instructor access to capture rich, real-time behavioural data on class attendance and participation. The Analytics feature can be used by the instructor to review student usage presentations, such as where they spent their time, and whether they took notes. Data can be incorporated from student polls and discussions to gather a clear picture of student engagement in the lecture.