What is H5P?

H5P stands for “HTML5 Package” which insinuates that it isn’t a platform, it is a content creation space.   H5P is a collection of tools, which can be used individually or in combination.  It facilitates the creation of rich online content and improves online learning experiences.  

There are currently over forty tools available in the suite, all you need to start creating is a web browser and an objective you need your students to achieve.  Some tools of note include:

  • Accordion Content
  • Interactive Video
  • Branching Scenarios
  • and 360 Virtual Tours

As H5P is supported by an open source community there are always new tools being developed and added into the mix.  A full list of tools can be found on the H5P.org website.

How do I get started?

There is a rich global community using and supporting H5P and it is growing all the time.  To get started with H5P why not try some of the following ideas:

Show me some examples in practice

There are hundreds of uses for H5P thanks to the component design and simple deployment.  There are examples of each of the components in the H5P.org website.  Some other resources that might be useful:

Using H5P as an Active Learning Opportunity.

Insert examples

Why is H5P Important?

H5P empowers everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content, all though a web browser.  It aims to facilitate sharing of accessible content and to make it easier for creators to deliver and publish their content into platforms they are already using. 

You don’t need to be a web developer to use H5P meaning that everyone really can create, share and re-use interactive components with H5P.  The step by step form-based process guides you thought the creation of building block elements.  Just follow the steps and once ready you can deploy into teaching spaces for students to use and at any point make changes based on feedback or change in need.  If you want to see how your students are performing through key H5P interactives, LTI integration allows student results to be posted into the marks centre.

We all know that we need to engage with our students to help create deeper understanding of concepts. The idea of active learning is well established, and touts’ benefits such as:

  • Improving critical thinking skills
  • Increased retention and transfer of new information
  • Increased motivation
  • and decreased course failure (Prince, 2004)

With a greatly reduced barrier to entry, why create passive experiences when you can engage your users with interactive and accessible content you can create yourself?

What VLE tools can H5P integrate with?

H5P isn’t a platform, but it can be used inside other tools within the VLE.

Embed in Content using an iFrame

Open in a Peak Window via LTI

Add a link in a Conversation or Tab