What is PebblePad?

PebblePad is a platform to collect, curate, create, communicate and share achievements, personal capabilities and professional skills. It affords Griffith students and staff a personal learning environment to develop, shape, and share their unique skills and attributes for success in today’s world. PebblePad can be used by an individual to support their own learning and professional development, or by an organisation to facilitate the learning of their members, be they students, staff, or professionals.

PebblePad in Nutshell
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A Short Introduction to PebblePad
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How do I get started?

For technical support using PebblePad, please contact the IT Support Centre (ithelp@griffith.edu.au or x55555).

Self-help resources, user guides and how-to videos are available on Griffith’s PebblePad Help site, visit www.griffith.edu.au/pebblepad


Learning Futures regularly runs workshops on PebblePad. Further information is available on the Learning Futures Events Calendar www.griffith.edu.au/learning-futures/news-and-events

To start a conversation about using PebblePad in your course or program, please contact your Group Learning & Teaching Consultant.

Show me some examples in practice

Search the Explore Learning and Teaching web site app.secure.griffith.edu.au/exlnt/ for wonderful examples of PebblePad in practice.


  • PebblePad Student-Centred Activities
    Student-Centred Activities are short, focussed entries describing how students can engage with a particular technology for a specific purpose. Visit https://tinyurl.com/y85o42qs
  • PebblePad Faculty Sparks
    Faculty Sparks are inspirational stories that describe a particular challenge an academic encountered, the approach they took to implement a solution, and the outcomes from that implementation. The aim of Faculty Sparks is to provide you with opportunities to view these stories, reflect on, and if appropriate, apply a similar solution to your identified challenge. Visit https://tinyurl.com/yd5dtc9g

Why is PebblePad Important?

PebblePad comes with a range of tools to help students plan, record, reflect on, and evidence their learning, and bring their learning journey stories together in powerful, interactive presentations. For teaching teams there are tools for guiding and scaffolding learning activities and providing learners with learning packages that they can own, add to, and refer back to in the future. There are also tools for assessment and feedback processes, reporting and archiving.

Source: https://help.pebblepad.com/helpfile.aspx?t=1&vn=5.0&v=16&tg=3bf540bf-f5a7-4714-a00e-bca93111676b&f=1

What VLE tools can PebblePad integrate with?


  • PDF files
  • Videos that are created or sourced
  • Tools such as Padlet 
  • Any file up to 750mb in size. PebblePad has unlimited storage.