What is Smart Sparrow?

Smart Sparrow is an adaptive learning platform that is used to create “lessons” or activities that can have alternative pathways and customised feedback built in for a more tailored user experience. It includes an authoring tool that allows educators to build lessons for their students, and an analytics tool to assist with reviewing and refining lessons based on user experiences.

How do I get started?

You have a range of options to get started on your Smart Sparrow Journey;

Show me some examples in practice

Smart Sparrow showcases several Demos on their website from various licensees, including those in the higher education sector.
Smart Sparrow contains “Loops”, which are repositories of lessons, usually available for adaptation. Check out the following Loops for some example Smart Sparrow lessons:

Why is Smart Sparrow Important?

Smart Sparrow recognises that not every student learns in the same way and that their learning can be better supported if they are given guidance to find correct answers themselves. This can be achieved by tailoring activities according to students’ learning needs through alternative pathways, customised feedback and remedial activities.

From the student perspective, adaptive learning has been shown to improve pass rates, student retention and overall marks in addition to improvements in long-term learning as opposed to rote memorisation (Johnson, 2016).

Smart Sparrow offers a powerful analytics back-end that allows instructors to see the amount of time spent on lesson screens, and the number of attempts made. This helps to identify areas where students commonly struggle, which can lead to future lesson improvements or further tailoring of content to address these issues.

What resources can I utilise?

The Smart Sparrow community contains a range of useful resources

What VLE tools can Smart Sparrow integrate with?

Smart Sparrow can be used on its own, but it is best used from within Learning@Griffith as this will allow student data to flow through from that system to enrich analytics reporting and provide a smoother user experience. See deployment methods in the Adaptive Learning website.

Additionally, you can embed external content via inline frames, e.g. H5P interactives.